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Saturday, 3-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Visitation: My Obachan

Obachan, on her way to visit her homeland, 3/13/60
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"Obachan* visited me," I murmured to T as I awakened.

*Obachan, a Japanese word, translates to 'honorable little grandmother'; it is the endearing version of Obaasan (Honorable Grandmother).

As a child I spent many nights at Obachan's and in her cozy kitchen which gave our conversations an intimacy which, coupled with my sustained exposure to her serenity and spirituality, set me on a lifetime's course.

My grandmother and I parted when I was away at high school. Perhaps not so long ago from her perspective, as I remembered Earth time is but a blink of an eye in the afterlife. She'd visit my father in his dreams, as he and Laki now reassuringly visit me from time to time. Dad left in 1998, so it's been too long since I vicariously visited with my grandmother.

A bit of explanation: In the movie "THE SIXTH SENSE," the cute shy little boy whispers to the psychologist played by Bruce Willis, "I see dead people." Supposedly a creepy thing to say, but not for those who think Hawaiian or Asian.

Not only do we taste, touch, sight, hear, and smell, we see 'dead people.' While some like my friend Susan can see them when awake, the rest of us see, visit, and communicate with our departed via our dreams.

Although often aware of her spiritual presence, I've wondered why my grandmother didn't visit me in my dreams. This summer I was reminded of this when I visited a friend who had lost his grandmother. As was ours, his relationship with his grandmother was uniquely close and symbiotic. He was experiencing my same frustration of why wasn't Gramma making contact. I empathized, but what can we do. "Up to them, `ea?"

If she visited me, I'd forget by morning's light. This morning, I remembered. In that gauzy zone, I saw her face. Our eyes met and I recognized the lovingkindness that was hers, and hers alone. She looked every bit of her 80+ years as I remembered her. Her lined and weathered visage reminded me of how she toiled in her gardens under that strong Hawaiian sun.

Then, before my eyes, her face morphed into a younger version.

Others had told me that she was a beauty in her day, and I saw for myself that she was exactly as described. A delicate beauty with fine and smooth features. Same features, but with the etched lines of wear and tear and earthly cares erased. It's been said that on the other side, we're about 30. She looked about 30.

And then I awoke. T's immediate take on it: "She's letting you know that she's there for Beulah."


Today, friends gathered over at Hedy's. Whispered commiserations. Meaningful glances. Understanding nods. Updates on logistics. The guys played music. We gals danced "Lei Pikake," "Hanalei Moon," and "E Huli Makou."


My Obachan triple-gifted me this morning. With her visit. The remembering of her visit. And with her reassurance.

She brought a caring and stability to my childhood that my parents could not always provide. She continues to do so in my adulthood. She was the star of my life because of her caring, warmth, sharing of beauty and concern for me. Of all that Obachan had done for me, her deep spirituality was the pivotal gift which changed my life in remarkable ways.

Now that I am soon to be a godgrandmother, I appreciate having such a great role model.

Thank you, Obachan; you'll aways be a shining part of my childhood memories.

All is well.


Friday, 2-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bread and Butter E-Mail

Sue gifted us with afghans and a fine lesson in good manners.
On her way to becoming a ukuleleist with HE MELE ALOHA.
Function: adjective
SYLLABICATION: bread-and-but·ter

What is a `Bread-and-Butter Note´ ?

A `bread-and-butter note´ is not for breakfast.

It is a note or letter sent to thank for some form of hospitality and showing gratitude. It is first noted as being used in 1901. These days the old-fashioned handwritten note may be anachronistic and the follow-up e-mail is the bread-and-butter note of this millenium.

While the medium may change, 'bread-and-butter' notes are still being delivered, as you will see. Always appreciated, good manners will, Heaven forbid, never become obsolete.

My friend Sue, mother of our goddaughters, is awesome. She is the perfect low-maintenance houseguest. She came bearing wine, dessert, a grocery bag of breakfast foods and --- her own sheets, blankets and towels. You got it. She generated ZERO laundry. She covered the bed and didn't get under the covers!

She refuses to be shoo-ed away. Not only did she help clear the table after dinner, she loaded the dishwasher! The next morning, she prepared and served us breakfast.

And talk about a prompt good old-fashioned bread-and-butter note (e-mail). I think she got on the computer and wrote it as soon as she got home.

Mama D, who raised her, taught her good manners and embossed the mark of a winner on Sue: successful people take the time to say thank you. It's true. And Sue is one of the most successful people I know. She is generously loving and is thoroughly loved.

I have found that the more one says â??thank you,â?? the more opportunities one gets to say â??thank you.â??


In the spirit of learning good manners and 'bread-and-butter note'-writing from a master:

Dear Uncle T. and Aunty D.,

Thank you so much for our wonderful New Year's celebration. Can't think of anyone we would rather spend our New Years with. Everything was so scrumptious...the lobster salad, the meat and of course the special soup was so ono. Thank you also for the great conversation and the Rose Bowl coverage. We certainly enjoyed the evening and day.

Thank you also so much for my ukulele book. Hopefully I can practice, so that I can attempt to accompany T. I don't have his gift of music, but hopefully I can pretend.

By the by, I was just listening to the news as I was typing and no one won the CA lottery. So--buy a ticket, so we can take our private jet to Mendocino. (ha-ha)

Well, again, mahalo for everything and I love you two so much!



And gratitude begets gratitude. After I read her e-mail, I found myself responding immediately, expressing my thanks to her.

Dearest Tutu Sue,

Our 24-hour New Year's celebration was exactly to my taste: Intimate, meaningful, and ho'onanea -- so relaxing and at total ease. EXACTLY, my kind of fun -- just hanging out -- in my pajamas -- with Uncle T's culinary creations -- your bountiful breakfast -- dogs underfoot bowing for food drops -- Hawaiian music -- with those I love most.

And thank YOU for the pair of soft navy afghans. Perfect color to not show up dog prints! With our present over-supply of ventilated afghans (personal touches by 'Oli, such a creative little doggy that one), these two are welcomed. No mo' puka in dese -- yet!

Before I went to bed last night, I riffled through our copy of HE MELE ALOHA. The song selection is excellent, and the translations, expertly done. How lucky are we for the efforts of those dedicated people who put it together.

I hope you will enjoy the songs as much as I do. While I may not sing well, I can read their lyrics and thoroughly them. In my dreams, I sing them beautifully! And with Simon Kaliko Beamer Trapp's Immersion Hawaiian CDs, so can you!

We're awaiting word on Beulah's services, so we're not sure if we're hanging around or going up to the mountains. You will never know how much solace and cheer you, Samara, Jonathan and bread-in-the-oven brought us during this time of loss.

I am comforted with the thought that Beulah now joins the company of Wayne, my Dad, and Laki. Wayne and Dad will gladly teach her how to speak pidgin like a local...and Laki, the love bug, will cuddle up to her when she misses doing so with her grandson, Logan.

2004: what an exciting year this will be! Life goes on, and let us continue our time together as we did and cherish every moment of our time together.

I love you, my dearest Sue. And don't forget to buy that winning lottery ticket. A cruise up the coast for Cassie's and Ethan's wedding and pulling right into Mendocino sounds right.

Me ke Aloha, your forever sister,
D / G-ma

Oh, by the way, thank YOU for taking the time to read this...

Thursday, 1-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy New Year! Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! Shinnen Omedeto!

Mochi comes out of the deep freeze.
Getting the guest room ready for Sue.
Our family arrives -- Sue and parents-to-be Samara & Jonathan
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New Year's Eve:

Shogatsu is the Japanese word for the celebration of the New Year. For traditional Japanese, New Year's is THE most important holiday. It is a time when family gather and consciously spend time together. We honor this tradition by spending it with our 'ohana (Hawaiian for family).

Our godchildren are half Japanese, ethnicity-wise. Their father, Wayne, who 13 years ago left us too soon at age 40, grew up in Hawai`i. Wayne, T and I grew up with New Year traditions that were Japanese with Hawaiian influences. Soon, another generation will be added to our 'ohana. Today, I'll do my little part in helping to keep the traditions that Wayne grew up with alive, which explains "the cultural lessons" in today's entry.

No matter where we were partying, even as young adults, we made a beeline home at midnight to greet the New Year with our respective families. New Year's Day was always reserved for family, period.

Certain foods are intimately connected to New Year's in Japanese culture, carrying ancient symbolic meanings for good luck, good health, longevity, prosperity, fertility, peace, and harmony. So we began our New Year's Eve by digging the mochi out of the freezer...

When I was a child growing up in Hawai'i, mochi tsuki (mochi-making) was an all day New Year's Eve activity. The menfolk pounded steamed glutinous rice into a sticky paste in a huge mortar. The women in the family would then form the sticky mess into rounded buns. A small bun was stacked on a larger one, topped with a whole tangerine and placed on the family altar.

In the 21st century, we pull out our pre-made stacked mochi and tangerine out of the freezer and the dining room table serves as the family altar. Some things never change, and that is the symbolism: the stickiness of the rice symbolizes strength, long life, and family unity; and the tangerine, a substitute for a Japanese fruit called dai-dai which means generation after generation, symbolizes the continuity of the family.

Sue, Samara and Jonathan arrive just in time for dinner. They are such a welcome sight for our saddened eyes. We hug them extra hard. Our spirits are lifted immediately.

My husband (known as Uncle T in this group) is one of the finest cooks I know. He not only cooks with lots of heart, his food is delicious! I've learned to stay out of the way, tending to housekeeping and table-setting details. That way, he is an unfettered cook.

We gathered around the kitchen island, plunging right into an evening of feasting. Makizuki (Rolled sushi) was the first course, followed by homemade Lousiana crabcakes, which were WONDERFUL! Uncle T followed that with delicious chunks of fresh salmon smothered in a delicate misoyaki sauce.

We moved over to the dining room for a sit-down dinner. Grace this year was particularly meaningful and heartfelt. We began with lobster served on a bed of finely grated cabbage, served with a freshly made 1000 Island-like dressing, mounds of steaming hot rice, and a rib roast encrusted with my sister Joanie's salt rub.

Back to food and symbolism: why lobster? It symbolizes old age because of its crooked back - wishing old age to all dear friends. And cabbage? Cabbage is an American "good luck" vegetable that is consumed on New Year's Day by many. Cabbage leaves are also considered a sign of prosperity, being representative of paper currency. And the beef? We must not be intimidated by the recent Mad Cow scare.

The hours flew by. We missed Alana and Jeremy, and wondered what they were up to in San Diego.

We remembered last year's New Year's celebration and agreed that Uncle T's menu measured up with Chef Shannon Johnson's at The Vineyard Room, California Adventure. We were not being gratuitous.

These days, we are a giddy group, each eagerly anticipating our new roles to come within seven weeks, when Jonathan and Samara welcome Austin Kai or Kiera Nalani into our family. Our conversation centered around our newest presence: he/she is no longer a bun in the oven, but a full loaf.

We paid attention to the baby's every little kick and poke. We speculated what it would be like if the baby arrived on Leap Year?

One year from now, we will be celebrating the holidays through a baby's eyes...

Food and family can revive souls...and in no time at all, the midnight hour was soon upon us.

But first, we stuffed ourselves with indulgent dessert, compliments of our guests: a luscious island-style blueberry cheesecake pie and a black-and-white cake. Then, with Dick Clark and America, we counted down 10...9...8... The lighted ball in New York's Times Square picked up speed 7...6...5... Then 4...3...2... I'm happy to leave 2003 behind. 1...0... Welcome 2004!

We cheered 2004 in with hugs and kisses, all around.

Then, low-lidded, we then all hit the sack. Samara and Jonathan, literally. They brought their full-sized, self-inflating aero-bed in a sack!

So, ours was a sleepover with no New Year's Eve worries about driving home. A good old-fashioned tomaru (sleep-over) .

New Year's Day:

Traditionally, the first meal New Year's Day is ozoni, or mochi soup, for which every family has its own recipe. My husband's version is with giant scallops and clams, thin slices of daikon (Japanese radish) and carrots which represent deep family roots, mizuna (a pleasingly bitter Japanese spinach) and mochi, which has the consistency of stretchy bubble gum. This soup is also the perfect antidote for a hangover.

Sue prepared a wonderful brunch of mini-muffins, fresh fruit salad, eggs, hash browns, and cinnamon bread, while we watched the Rose Parade live, looking for our favorites -- the Cal Poly float, our town's float, and this year, the Disney (Tower of Terror) float. New Year's Day in front of the tube is the perfect antidote to 2003's frenzy. A time to chill out and just be with family.

Some traditions stick: we had leftovers while watching the Rose Bowl (USC vs Michigan) along with kuromame, sweetened black beans with kombu (seaweed) and chestnuts, another tradition-laden New Year's food. The word mame (pronounced MAH-meh), meaning bean, has the same sounds in it as the word for healthy, mamena (pronounced mah-meh-nah). The seaweed, kombu, is the symbol for happiness and joy, because it has similar sounds is it as the word for gladness, yorokobu. The chestnuts represent gold coins.

We had our slices of yokan (a traditional red bean gelatin dessert). Sweets for a sweet future.

In the evening, I "returned home" by visiting with my mother in Hawai'i on the phone. I count my blessings: she is healthy and happy, as is my step-father. They are VERY active seniors, golfing three days a week and WALKING the course. In fact they had just returned from a three-day golfing trip to Kona. I resolve to try my mother's health potion: osterized parsley and kale. I wonder how long that resolution is going to last...

365 untouched days stretch out before us... join me in making the most of those days by filling them with joy and gratitude and not sweating the small stuff.

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Saying Goodbye to Beulah

Beulah & Hank at the Summer 2002, Luau
D, Beulah, Gylene & Cousin Hannah in back
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"For He will command His Angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; in their hands, they will lift you up..." ~ Psalm 91

Today, I began my healing process by looking for photos of Beulah and sifting through my IN and SENT files in search of our e-mails to each other. As I wrote to my friend, Faith:

"We're going through a rough patch at the moment. We hurried back down from Big Bear when we heard that our friend Beulah had taken a turn for the worse. Yesterday, we spent the day at the hospital's ICU, holding a vigil with her family and close friends. It is so hard to lose someone so dear in our lives...

But tonight, we celebrate New Year's Eve -- as she would have liked us to do so -- with family that we'll hold extra close this year."

Our dog, Laki, would not leave us on our anniversary date; I like to think her soul made sure that we would not associate that happy date with the sadness of her passage. Beulah, likewise, did the same. She did not leave on Christmas Eve or Christmas, or New Year's Eve or Day... Even, in their leave-taking, both remained their sweet, considerate souls.

Graphic by KB Girl, a fotopage friend who also posted a beautiful poem is here

I am so grateful for the Internet. My husband and I are 'away' many weekends in the year, up to our cabin in Big Bear Lake where we are not easy accessible by phone, as we are often out and about in Nature. E-mail has facilitated communication among and between our friends and family.

Because of e-mail, Beulah and I forged a special friendship that reached deeper levels with our written, heartfelt communications. Like phone calls, however, e-mails have a will-o-the-wisp quality to them, as with quick taps with the DELETE button, "poof" they are gone forever.

I treasured the words that Beulah and I exchanged with each other, and I could not delete them even if my mailbox was often precariously close to overflowing. Today, I am grateful that our words were still there for me as I sorted through my files -- and my feelings -- this morning.

As a legacy of our friendship, I've placed our e-mails for posterity here in this cyber-treasure box. We come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing. With e-mail, Beulah was able to leave her thoughts, her love, and a record of her life with us, most importantly, in her own words.

For me, and for those who may wander in here, Beulah's upbeat and buoyant spirit will live on through her words, for in them is her mana (spiritual energy), which continues to radiate and warm our souls even if she is on the other side of the veil.

I know her words will continue to inspire me for years to come, and it is also my hope that they will do the same for you, too, gentle reader.

Beulah's words reveal one of the most beautiful and indefatigably joyous souls I have ever met. Written during the most challenging year in her life, her thoughts clearly reflect her positive attitude, inner strength, and unfailing faith. She fought the most noble and valiant of battles, waging it with uncommon bravery.

My friend Beulah will never be forever gone, as long as her words live here and in your heart, as they do in mine. One day, when the time is right, I hope her children will wander in here and 'visit' with her. Beulah wrote as she spoke...

In time, when they are more grown, her grandchildren will also be able to 'hear' their grandmother in her words here. They will know what a special person she was, long after their own memories of her may have faded. They will learn what their grandmother was reading; who her favorite musicians were; how she loved to play her guitar and dance, especially the hula; how she valued her 'ohana (family); and how she cherished and nurtured her friendships...

Beulah's own words will help her descendants know how dear their Grandfather Hank and her family and friends were to her and how she fought hard -- and prayed and remained positive -- to prolong her earthly time with them. God granted Beulah her wish and we were blessed to be able say our tender goodbyes...


Beulah's words are in red; mine, in purple; our friend's -- Gylene's -- in blue.


Fri, 30 Aug 2002 10:30:57 EDT


Finally checking all my e-mail...since T told me he wrote. (about the videotape..)

I'll check more regularly now....since my son Doug just "hooked me up". Forgot to ask?? what was your niece's opinion of Pepperdine? Nice, eh?? But then, Claremont College ...... hmmmmmmmmmmm

Also, I heard Liz had your mu'umu'u.......funny story...but made sense. Needless to say, we're enjoying all your literary talents ....you are truly a "journalist". We'll be first in line for your "book signing".......of Da' Hawaii Seniors. ...someday????

You and T are such good sports and true Aloha spirit. Can't wait to view the tape.

Beulah & Hank at the Summer Lu'au

Aloha for now.................Beulah


Fri, 30 Aug 2002 08:00:48 -0700 (PDT)

I was reading e-mail from family in Hawai`i, when your e-mail just popped up. Great to hear from you.

Wasn't the lu`au FANTASTIC? T and I are still raving about how much fun it was, as well as HOW WELL orchestrated it was -- with the finest of entertainment, including us HULA MAIDENS, the kupuna kane and wahine, and of course, the one and only HANK, soloist extraordinaire.

And yes, the mu`u mu`u situation worked out beautifully, thanks to you arranging for me to use Hannah's mu`umu`u. I was so glad Liz could dance without feeling conspicuous in a non-matching mu`u by borrowing mine. She worked hard at learning the hulas and did well.

Just as fun as the preparation for it -- the gatherings at Fely's and John's and Susan's and Karl's homes, the suppers after practice and the camaraderie. What a fine group of folks who have nothing to prove and know that life is about joy.

My niece Lana enjoyed all the colleges she visited, as did we -- and her favorites were Claremont McKenna, Pepperdine, University of San Diego, and Loyola Marymount. She had considered visiting Westmont and Point Loma (Nazarene colleges), but when she heard it was mandatory to attend chapel three times a week, she said, "Uh huh." Not a morning person, and while spiritual, not churchy. She still has a year of high school, so she has time to ponder and consider.

I can't wait for you to view the tape, too! We've watched it twice already, enjoying the details of the second viewing. (You dance beautifully!) Also, I think you and Hank will enjoy his performance. Right on key, he hit all his notes and I got some great tight shots of him. The kids and grandkids are also gonna love seeing Grandpa crooning in the years to come at the push of the VCR button!

Today -- and this weekend -- we're off to the E Hula Mau Hula Competition at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. The best performers on the West Coast gather and it is awesome. Also, the Hawaiian food is always a big treat for us.

Have a great weekend!

Aloha a hui hou (Aloha until we meet again) to you and Hank,


Sun, 1 Sep 2002 02:57:01 EDT

Hey, I did some editing...and my note disappeared. I may be repeating myself but here goes....

Now that I'm back "on line" you may never be able to get rid of me ....

I just sent a note to tell you how much we're enjoying the tape. Hank actually hates to "watch" himself... he's such a critic. Me.... I'm having good fun.... as I'm not a "perfectionist"...... just go with the flow...........

As mentioned, D.... you danced so gracefully and yes, T was a "showstopper." Next time, the Hawaiian Wedding Show must feature the two of you.!!! Very definitely.

Whatever So.Cal. college your niece, Lana decides will be nice as that means you'll see her more often and of course that means your sister and family members will be visiting...........

Well. enough of my chatter. It's nearing midnight and I plan to attend the E Hula Mau tomorrow as my friend is performing @ 10:30 a.m. Audrey (my age) is from a Halau from Mission Viejo. Brave soul....they have been practicing like 24 hrs. a day for the past month.

My friend, Sylvia (jason scott lee's mom) is here for 3 mos. Her daughter is expecting her second child. So..we'll be there together. Sylvia and her family with Beulah at the Fall Picnic

I'm leaving Hank home to do some "unpacking"... Then, we're celebrating my grandson's (Logan's) First Birthday in the evening.

Aloha for now...........................


Sat, 1 Mar 2003 10:53:36 EST


"Mahalo"! We just viewed the videotape of the Mall "gig". You captured all the "happy moments" of the day. That's so much fun to sit back with a cup of coffee and just "re-live" the day....

Thank you for being such an important force in our Club and helping us to re-create those.... . most wonderful "memories".

Till our next "gig"...........



Sat, 1 Mar 2003 08:07:51 -0800 (PST)

Aloha e Beulah!

Here I was doing the same -- sipping on some Kona, admiring the sun-kissed winter wonderland scenery outside the window (we're up in Big Bear Lake) and listening to alohajoe.com. Life doesn't get better than this. And then it did get better. Your e-mail popped in!!

We're happy to hear that you enjoyed the video. We certainly did, too. You gals did a bang-up job on those hula numbers, and Hank sounded wonderful.

Here's a page for Lilo and Stitch I did at the Hawaiian Music Directory site, mentioning Jason (and Sylvia):


Great visiting with you this am. Big bear HUGS to you and Hank!

Me ke Aloha,


Mon, 3 Mar 2003 01:55:09 EST

Envy your weekend "getaways". Sound so serene.....

We had a condo right on Snow Summit for over 14 years and never used it much, sold it below what we pay and now the kids are interested ....for their little ones. Oh well, seems in our case, it's better they rent a place whenever they want to go to Big Bear as we had "frozen pipes", earthquake damages, etc. and Hank was always too busy @ his work to deal with that on the few occasions that we traveled that winding road.

Thanks again for your encouraging words as H & B (we) are really new to this performance stuff ......

I enjoyed your Web site and have forwarded to Sylvia too. She's on a 2 wk. trip but will see it on her e-mail when she returns.

Just love your interpretation on everything you write..... Keep writin' !!!!



Sat, 21 Jun 2003 13:00:18

Hi there D & T:

Well, the computer's up but I'm still not sure about other stuff .... like retrieving attachments.... I'm calling Doug (NY) for every little thing. Well.... he's the one that ordered all this equipment..... so there. He's so patient to "walk " Mom through though.

Just a quick update: This past 2 wks have been a bit hectic with us.....losing Hank's mother. (6/9) We're slowly getting back to normalcy. We're considering alternating with Frank & Marylyn to care for his dad. At the present time, he's being treated with antibiotics for a URI and remains @ the nursing home. We've been trying to see him on a daily basis.(with Frank & Marylyn) ...or take him "out" for the day but then... nothing else gets done.

Meanwhile, Hank's doing okay.... haven't had any time to "play" with his new toy. As for me, my Bone Scan showed no metastasis. My CT Abd... good.. shows only the shadows on the lung... that we already know about.

My "Her 2 neu" test was Negative thereby not requiring the Herceptin drug infusion. Hooray! I'm continuing on the drug Femara and will take a CT Chest/Thorax in a month. Had a Chest x-ray this week. Hopefully, the "shadows" are less... and the tumors are shrinking.

I"m feeling rather STRONG! Grrrrr! must be the TEA! Thanks to you! It's my "regular" drink... 3x/day. My cough has subsided considerably but I still seem to get short of breath sooooooo I just don't really exert myself:-) .........

Hope you're relaxing in Big Bear and that it's a bit sunny. It sure is June gloom down here. Have a wonderful weekend.

Well. enuff for now.......................talk/see you soon..............



My Grace Is Sufficient for You (II Corinthians 12:9)

My child, are you troubled with a thorn in your flesh?
My child, are you are pressured by pain?
My child, are you distressed when disappointments come,
And your dreams have been broken again?
My grace is sufficient for you,
My grace is sufficient for you;
For power is perfected in weakness--
My grace is sufficient for you.

~ Jeanne Tomlinson


Thu, 3 Jul 2003 08:10:53

Have a wonderful and "bang-up" Fourth of July. I'm sipping on my "TEA" and thinking of you two. The weather should be just gorgeous for you in Big Bear as it's sure getting "hot" down here.

alohajoe.com and I ... just relaxing.... just what the doctor ordered. I'm doing okay. A couple of doctor's appts scheduled ... CT Chest to check if the tumors are smaller. My cough has subsided considerably. Still a bit of shortness of breath with exertion....... so ...I just don't do too much... I'm planning to go for a 2nd opinion from my former workplace.... UCI Medical Center.... my former bosses... would like me to do that. Thought I'd wait for a few more scans....

Hank's dad has been transferred to a Board & Care home right down the street from brother Frank (& Marylyn's) It's an adjustment but, in the long run...it works out better for the 4 of us.... as we all have our own little medical stuff to deal with. Can you believe, Hank's the healthiest of us all????

Well, enuff on us.................. how are you two doing?? Got any more "gigs" lately? I sure do miss learning all the hulas.. I'm sure we're missing the best fun @ the Hawaii Club. But, soon as we get things squared away..... "WE'LL BE BACK'

"talk" to you soon..........................................




Wed, 9 Jul 2003 11:18:38 -0700 (PDT)

Aloha e Beulah,

WONDERFUL to hear from you and that you are coming along. Agaricus was a big help for my dad, and I know you will do better with it as we learned about it at the very end stages of his illness. I am praying and visualizing a 100+% recovery for you.

We are up in Big Bear -- our yearly summer retreat where we practice "BE STILL..." No TV, no newspaper, no mail and only today, on the Internet. We indulge our passions; T with his `ukulele and me with my writing. I'm online today, as I just launched a tribute site for a friend that I "worked" on up here: Moe Keale: A Tribute Site.

We're going down the hill on Friday for weekend continuing ed classes for me, then the following week, we're off to Hawai`i for a family reunion on Maui. Then, hopefully, back to Big Bear to recover from all that activity, as well as to work on our Big Bear house to begin construction in September.

Summers are perfect here. Not too hot days, and evenings just right. We sleep with the windows open and that fresh air feels and smells soooo good. You and Hank are welcome to visit us, as long as you can tolerate a very basic, simple and gentle lifestyle. Come up with your '57 Chevy; we have a LOCKED garage that you can park it in.

Big Bear is a sacred, healing place, once a destination for pilgrimage for the original Native American inhabitants. Two of our dear friends have recovered fully from their bouts with cancer, and I like to think their visits here and exposure to Big Bear's energy had something to do with it.

I hope you are spending time in your healing, positive spaces -- in your front guest room and computer room. You are so fortunate to have those areas, and we know it will make a huge difference in your complete recovery.

We have kept you in our thoughts and prayers EVERY day, and I know that counts for more up here than when we are distracted down there.

Any way, enough yakkity-yak for now, me ke Aloha,


Thu, 24 Jul 2003 16:41

Aloha e D & T;

Guess what?....I was figuring no one was writing me lately as my mail didn't "pop" up in my mailbox automatically. A couple got in but..... haven't heard from anyone for awhile. Well....... dummie me, this computer hook-up to Outlook Express works differently than when I was on AOL. I wasn't aware there is a send/receive key. So........ .I'm a bit behind.... however.......

I'm taking my Tea religiously and munching on the mushrooms. Thank you for your continuous prayers. I'm on my way to "remission".....

I am so impressed. You are an "amazing" writer. What a wonderful tribute to your friend. I had heard about him and Alma & Mike saw him in concert in Whittier last year. I just love his "Part of Me song." I first heard it when a guest/member sang it @ the Hawaii Club Picnic 2 yrs. ago. I would love to hear more of his music and will look for his recordings.

I had fun going to all the "links". Don't think Hank saw me for hours..... You are indeed a gifted writer. Keep it up. I l-o-v-e reading all your "stuff"....

How exciting!! Construction in September.

Wow!! It's something to see it develop from ground up. Make it an entire "healing and happy house" with all the Feng Shui directives. Hope there's no delays and you'll be able to enjoy Christmas in your new Big Bear home. ....snowman/ snowballs, etc. a real "white" xmas.

Enjoy the wonderful summer weather right now. We'd love to join you one day. Thank you. That's the life for us.... as we are very basic and simple and love the easy-going style of living. Just what the doctor ordered too. Not sure if the '57 Chevy can make that climb..

I am so happy to hear of your friends' recovery from their bouts with cancer. It gives me greater hope. I know I should be "more positive" and I am trying. Thanks to you, again, yes, I am spending more time in my "healing, positive spaces". "Feeling relaxed and doing positive thinking."

Thank you...Thank you with all my heart. It means a lot to me.

I am almost concluding my 40-day spiritual journey with Rev. Rick Warren's book, "The Purpose Driven-Life"..What on Earth Am I Here For." A very thought-provoking, uplifting and inspirational book.

This was very interesting the first time I "linked" up. thanks.... i'm going to "link" up here again after I finish this e-mail.

We're transferring Hank's dad to a better facility with more activities suited for him and even a choice of an asian menu. It's a senior/assisted living facility in Huntington Beach. Still, close to family in HB. We try to see him often and "take him out" for lunch and a "ride".

T, hey, we've got a taste for spaghetti. I heard you make the best "sauce". yummie... I love italian..... Come down and cook for us..... anytime. The landscape"s done..... finally. The fertilizer aroma is gone...for now.

D..thank you for your sweet note. we're so happy you'll be celebrating your Anniversary.... Italy style. Can't imagine a more romantic couple. T can even do the singing and playing..... oops did I say "playing"? Have a great time.

(Beulah and Hank gifted us with a surprise gondola ride for two for our anniversary)

Know you're enjoying your Hawaiian reunion. How wonderful to all be together. Such a warm Aloha feeling...just thinking about it.

Well.....now ... it's really time for me to stop yakking.........
bye-bye for now...............



Tue, 29 Jul 2003 20:47:22 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Beulah!

Great hearing from you and that you're coming right along. In retrospect, this is will be just a bump in the road. In the meantime, good shock absorbers help!

We had a fabulous time on Maui. I wrote about one of our days there, if you wish to read about it: http://www.geocities.com/mauilavender/ Next time you're on Maui, check it out.

Also this past weekend, we celebrated our 29th Anniversary with The Association up in BB -- remember that group? I saved those memories here.

We are looking forward to our gondola ride as soon as I get rid of this pesky summer cold. T is at Hedy's practicing for the library lu`au right now. As for me, I'm tending the hanabata (snot) factory. Thank goodness I won't be spreading my cold germs to you as I write to you!

Nice hearing from you. My Aloha to you and Hank,


Fri, 1 Aug 2003 07:50

Good Morning!

Thanks for your e-mail. It came @ a perfect time. It was read in the a.m. of Wed. and as I followed the "links" I was in awe of your Purple Passion presentation of the Lavender Farm. How delightful!! I loved the photos. It was breathtaking views of "lavender".

Your relationship with your sisters flooded my mind with wonderful memories of my "youth". Although I am the youngest of 7.... I use to cringe when my siblings introduced me as their "baby sister".... I threw "daggers" in eye contact... now.... in my "senior years".... I not only encourage them to refer to me as their "baby sis"... I insist. However, as true siblings ..they usually ask the person ..... Guess who's younger???? Aarggghhh! The LAST 3 of us are girls...we were only 1 year apart...... yes, I wore identical dresses and sweaters with my 2 older sisters above me... only to have the "hand me downs" for additional time. Ohh.... how I can relate.

Next. ....I linked onto the Association group and heard the music. I was absolutely thrilled to check into their Concert Dates and found they were appearing @ the Summer Concert series @ Fashion Island in Costa Mesa. Wed. night!! Hank and I made plans to attend. It was awesome. What a crowd. Up and dancing and toe tapping and body moving, etc. (in their seats) They had seats for nearly 1000 people...from my estimation. The crowd went wild. I spotted the Local boys in the group. so...we thank you for "sharing".....

I am truly thankful for your September Morn website. I plan to check out all the entries... as I spend more time in my "healing room"...

My niece is moving to Maui (Olinda ?) from San Diego... this year. She's a family physician and plans to practice there. She loves Hawaii and has convinced her hubby to raise their children there. Her dad, Bill, is from Oahu and attended Kamehameha then on to Purdue. (lives here in Yorba Linda) She's hoping to get her son into the Kamehameha school but hear there's a wait list.

My little grandson Logan stayed overnight as I was babysitting last night so Kristi and Aaron could attend the Angels game....I hear his little sounds....so I'll best close for now.

Just wanted to tell you Mahalo .... for you... and your website.

As we've always said...........you two are the most romantic couple alive...

beulah & hank

Happy 29th Anniversary!!
Celebrate all years and continue to celebrate each day together!!!!


Thu, 16 Oct 2003 09:31:07 -0700 (PDT)

Dearest Beulah,

I heard the news from Gylene and I want you to know that we've stepped up our prayers and positive thoughts are being sent in your direction.

Keep fighting the brave fight. You've got a whole bunch of us rallying for you.

A gigantic hug from me to you. KNOW that you are so loved. And I want us to hula again together SOON!

With Aloha,


Thu, 16 Oct 2003 18:04


Thank you so much for thinking of me. You guys are always on our mind...thinking of the upcoming exciting Ukulele Festival we're missing.

Yes, it's been a bit tough...the last 2 wks. but I'm getting stronger by the day. In fact, they've got me scheduled for another YAG Laser Bronchoscopy to "clean up the area better". Ugh!! My left main bronchus was blocked and my left lung competely collapsed. After that, they'll start me on "chemo" along with the hormonal therapy I'm already receving. double UGH!

Meanwhile, I continue to listen to my favorite singers: IZ and Keali'i Reichel and think of our wonderful times together with the "gang".

Give my love to all! I'm (We're) with you all the way.



Aloha e Gylene,

Mahalo for your update. Beulah is very much in our prayers. We just wish we could do more, but we trust that God is in charge and know what He's doing...no matter how mysterious His ways.

I heard from her last week, and I was heartened that she remains optimistic. Hers has been a tough fight and she is far from throwing in the towel. She is rallying.

Poor Hank. It is as hard -- if not harder in many ways -- to be on the sidelines.

I love her strong spirit. Yet, I also know dear friends like you make all the difference in the world. Thank you for being who you are. You da bes'!



Mon 10/27/2003 1:53 PM

Dearest Beulah,

I hope you're faring well, staying indoors and getting through this time of poor air quality. Thank goodness, you are out of harm's way from the wildfires. My heart goes out to all those suffering now from their losses.

I uploaded some photos to the Net and thought I'd bring some happy moments from this summer to add some lightness to this fall day's grimness: Hank's Birthday and New Toy

Love you, and visualizing you nestled, safe and sound, in His Palms, and I don't mean coconut trees,


November 4, 2003


As always, We LOVE hearing from you! Our thoughts have been with you throughout the "fires" and was so relieved to hear that the BIG BEAR area was spared! Yes, indeed, I did not dare step outdoors. I definitely have "cabin fever". There have been some families that we know that had to evacuate and come back down the hill to families.

I am still a "novice" in this computer world and have not been able to retrieve the photos ... but I'm working on it. It said something about Earthlink that I have to create the files before receiving it. I'll look through my manual.

I have started my first cycle of chemotherapy, plus oral chemo Rx. Xeloda and IM once a month of Faslodex. Hopefully, the "3 combo" will be effective towards my goal of remission.

For some strange reason, my left leg (hopefully... muscle) gave way. Had to borrow Hank's dad's walker for a week. Ugh...... what a sight... Greg is giving my nerve stimulation, heat and ultrasound to the area. Think it's working. I'm better.

We sure do miss you all. Think of you all the time...... and am forever grateful for your love and prayers. Members of the Club have been most supportive. We love them all................................... The best Ohana group ever!!

Tell everyone ALOHA for us.

We are blessed.



Thursday, December 04, 2003 3:57 AM

My dear D:

These "golden years" are being challenged!.

Just entered another Chemotherapy cycle today via a Port-a-Cath.

Had a "reprieve" due to the surgical insertion (schedule) so I took advantage of my "good days" and had a great time eating, eating and eating. My dear friend and former co-worker, Sue, has been @ my side holding my hand as well as Hank's. She's my "official" Case Manager.... Lucky for me... she's available.

With the constant love and prayers of my Ohana...... I have decided to make sure each day is a "good" day.

I am requesting a table reserved for the musicians..... as well as one for me..... for the Xmas party. I hope to see you all..................

d and t
gylene and rod
harry and jeanette Hope Arlene can arrange it ......
pete and jackie
hedy and larry
alma and mike

I may not be at my best...... but I'll be trying.......

First time for this side effect............... insomnia.................... other side effects not kicking in yet................ hooray........ I'll beat it..... thanks to your love and support and our faith in the power of prayer .........



Saturday, December 06, 2003 8:00 AM

Aloha e Beulah,

So wonderful to hear from you. You are going through a lot, dear Beulah. Just know that in my mind's eye, I am giving you one big hug and showering you with healing energy! I am grateful for Sue, who sounds like an angel on Earth.

I keep you close to my heart and prayers; may every day be a good day, no matter what! I like your decision to make each day a good day That's the spirit! I'm adding my request for good, solid restorative sleep for you at night.

What an honor (and so much FUN) it will be to be together next Sunday! Just being who you are, Beulah, is being your best. I look forward to seeing you and Hank, and I know T is, too.

I love you, Beulah.

Me ke Aloha,


Sat, 6 Dec 2003 07:34:42 -0800 (PST)

Hi Gylene,

Yes, I just heard from Beulah. What an honor it is - and what FUN -- to be together with Beulah and Hank and best buds at the dinner next weekend! I'll make sure to take lots of pix of us.

Mahalo for getting her the pendant and lei. Special gifts for a very special gal. You are such a dear friend to get them for all of us. Hugs to you!

The Hula Maidens rock!

Me ke Aloha,


December 7, 2003

l love you......you're the Best! (no ka bes! right?) You need to teach me some Hawaiian phrases.... I'm not always using it in the right context ... I'm sure.... but you know it comes from my "heart"....

Mahalo for Always making me feel so special with your "warm and fuzzy "messages!! I luv it!!

B See ya' soon.

from lil"(?) Hank too.


Fri, 19 Dec 2003 10:53:50 -0800 (PST)

Aloha e Beulah,

You were AT YOUR BEST on Sunday. Just being the Beulah we know and love. How I love your bright, mega-watt smile that not only lights up any room you're in but every heart in the room.

I also saw a deeper, intensely loving Beulah, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. Being there took incredible effort, fortitude and commitment and it was not for one second unrecognized by those who love you and yes, needed to be with you without imposition.

I don't know if you had a chance to view the pictures at CELEBRATING BEULAH's BIRTHDAY: http://hwneye.fotopages.com/?entry=25138 I might sound like I'm gushing, but I'm telling the God-honest truth as I gush. Beulah, every bit of your inner radiance was captured in those photos. You look ravishingly and RADIANTLY beautiful. If you doubt me, just take a look.

If you were in Hawai'i, you'd be recruited to run for Narcissus Queen!

Gylene let me know what's up and I wrote her back with these words, that are really meant for you, more than ever:

"Thank you for letting us know what is up, no matter what the news. It allows us to be in a proactive mode, especially with prayer. I will keep my trust that He knows what He's doing and keep working on my acceptance of it, even if at times the Higher Wisdom eludes and puzzles my human mind."

I think we all just tuckered you out on Sunday, so I'm ordering you -- without being too bossy about it -- to rest up. Never mind the holidays, if you need us IN ANY WAY, TO DO ANYTHING we are just an e-mail or a phone call away.

Although we are relatively new friends in this life, I know our souls have been friends forever. Talking about friends, what a pleasure it was to meet Sue in person. Like your Sue, the Sue in my life is the dearest and most loving person a friend could ever have. We are INCREDIBLY blessed. And they are both named Sue!

My love to Hank. I cannot imagine what you two are going through, but do know that T and I are flapping our wings like crazy, trying to be the best wind beneath yours.

I love you. Thank you for holding my hand.

Me ke Aloha,

(Via snail mail)

December 18, 2003

Aloha D&T,

Gosh!! It was so great to see you...and the gang. Now, we're talking... let's get together at Duke's (Huntington Beach Pier) one evening with Eric and Pete. Jackie will join us and our Numba #1 co-ordinator, Gylene (who doesn't know it yet, but you know the saying, "the busiest one gets things done." That's our Gylene.

What a supreme "surprise"........... Did you ever see such a beautiful triple carnation lei like the one you "folks" presented me?

Then to Top it Off!! Wow!!

The Classic Hawaiian Heirloom Pendant Jewelry.
The inscription said, "Happy 65th Birthday."

Was that a mistake??? Or can I be called

Mahalo for such a beautiful gift from "my 'ohana"!
Thank you for sharing -- what an enjoyable evening we had.
Come see us soon.

Mahalo!! Mahalo!! Mahalo!!

With lots of love,
Beulah and Hank

Love you! B & Hankie


Sun, 28 Dec 2003 02:00:33 EST

Hi D,

I just want to inform you that Beulah was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, December 23. Beulah's right lung was filled with fluid and she could hardly breath so they called 911. Beulah also has pneumonia and the flu. She is in ICU on the second floor of the hospital. Her cancer is now in her bones.

Beulah is unable to speak because of tubes in her mouth. However, she writes messages to her family and friends. It is sad to see her lie in bed but she is a trooper and fighting back. Please keep her in your prayers. May the Lord give her strength and guide her everyday.


Sun, 28 Dec 2003 07:25:16 -0800 (PST)

Dear Gylene,

Thank you for this update. We have been in Big Bear for the week, and everyday, we have kept Beulah in our prayer focus. Up here, with fewer life distractions, mo' easy.

We awoke this morning and together prayed aloud for Beulah, wondering at the same time how she is faring. And then I got online to receive your e-mail.

Prayer answered. (We wondered how she was doing, and now we know) Although these recent developments are troubling, we remind ourselves of the Higher Wisdom. We do not want her to suffer. He knows what He's doing... The human side of ourselves says, "Ho, da hard, but."

She is a trooper. What an inspiring will and fortitude. She wished to be there for all of us at the party and she was -- and in such glory. She radiated a beauty that night that transcended anything earthly.

We will be back tomorrow. Is she accepting visitors? May we send flowers to her room in the meantime?

Again, THANK YOU, Gylene. You are such a model of a dear and precious friend. This must be a terribly difficult time for you. Please know that I am sending you a big hug.



Sun, 28 Dec 2003 14:42:02 EST


Thank you for your immediate reply. I appreciate your prayers and thoughts for Beulah. She is such a role model to the rest of us. Yes, she wanted so badly to be with us at the Hawaiian Club Christmas dinner. Beulah looked radiant and smiled the whole time. She was "Miss China Town" in her beautiful red chinese dress that she wore that evening. The carnation lei enhanced her dress attire. Thank you for contributing towards the Hawaiian pendant and carnation lei.

Stacey and I went to visit Beulah yesterday evening. Hank, Craig, Doug, and Dennis (Hank's cousin) were there. It was difficult to see Beulah lie in her bed ... She opened her eyes and we told her to rest. I mentioned that there are many people praying for her and that we loved her. She responded my squeezing our hands.

I came home that evening and broke down and cried because it is so hard to see a dear friend suffer so much. Rod and I attended mass this morning and I asked the Lord to give Beulah the strength to endure this hardship. I think of her often.
Yes, Beulah may see visitors, 2 at a time. She is at the hospital. You may park in the front of the hospital. Beulah is on the second floor in ICU. There is also a waiting room where family and friends wait their turn to see Beulah. As you enter the ICU rooms, Beulah is down the hall to the left, the last room. Inside Beulah's room on the left side of the wall, there are face masks for family and friends to wear when visiting Beulah.

After you visit her, she usually points to the sink for visitors to wash their hands. Since there are so many people touching Beulah's hands, it is a good idea to wash your hands to prevent germs from spreading.

Flowers are not allowed in the ICU. A get well card would be nice.

I'm sure you are both enjoying the mountains, the fresh air, and most of all one another. Life is precious and we have to enjoy our loved ones.

Thank you again for being special friends and always being there for us. You are the best. Beulah would love to see you. God Bless you and thank you for the big hug. I need it.

Love ya,



KB Girl, fotopage friend, wrote:

D, looking through your tribute pages to your dear friend and I'm moved by all of the love and energy. I know it's not the best way to start the new year with losing a friend, but be comforted to know that she's gone from the earth but not from the hearts of all that know and love her. http://kbgirl.fotopages.com/?entry=30063 i drew up 2 pictures for you to hopefully bring a smile to your face. While I was making one of the pictures, I kept thinking about M&M's. I don't know why. Maybe she was putting the thought there.

>> An Angel in the Clouds

"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings..."

Tuesday, 30-Dec-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Love Deeply and Passionately...

Hula Sisters, Forever Friends
For Beulah, a vigil kept.
Painfully wrenched hearts
Comforted by memories.

Someday we'll be together
Some sweet day we'll be together
Yes we will, yes we will
Someday, tell everybody, we'll be together
Yes we will, yes we will

Love deeply and passionately...
You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.

Beulah: An EXTRAORDINARY Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Read-Aloud Participant, Girlfriend, Hula Dancer, Guitarist, Singer, Cheerleader, Pepper-Upper, Trooper, Role Model, Lover of Life, Buddy, (our) Miss Chinatown & Narcissus Queen, Child of God, Wayshower, and a Forever Friend...

At 10 p.m., Beulah graduated from Classroom Earth and is now flying with the angels...

I love you, Beulah.

Me ke Aloha, D.

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